Honda Opens Racing Line to Collegiate SAE Programs

Honda has announced that it is expanding its Honda Racing Line program to include collegiate SAE programs. The Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) works to create global engineering standards which numerous industries can adhere to.

Now, SAE-affiliated racing groups at top universities, such as Formula SAE and Baja SAE can apply for membership in the Honda Racing Line and gain direct access to HPD-developed products and parts.

Collegiate SAE Programs
Through collegiate SAE programs, students are learning to be engineers.

“We are delighted to be offering memberships in the Honda Racing Line to universities involved with collegiate-level SAE programs,” said Jeff Barrow, HPD Manager of Commercial Motorsports, in a statement. “Both HPD and our parent company, American Honda, have long been associated with the SAE and the organization’s student competitions. Many current HPD associates participated in Formula SAE and similar programs during their university years. Now these programs will have access to our performance product lines as well as our talented technical support.”

Here at Vann York Honda, we love to see Honda reaching out to the next generation of future engineers and giving them access to a great program like the Honda Racing Line. So if you are interested, make sure you check out what the program has to offer, and who knows, maybe you will be developing a new Honda in the future.

Honda Self-Parking Electric Prototype is Your Own Valet

Getting back home after a long day is so nice and relaxing, but sometimes don’t you wish that you had a valet to park your car in the garage and bring the key back to you? Well, that may be closer to your future than you think, but it won’t be a person doing it. The Honda Self-Parking Electric Prototype is said to be able to park itself, not to mention start charging itself as well.

If this is getting a little too I, Robot for you, then you may want to stop reading from here on down.

Cars that park on their own will be a huge step forward for autonomous driving, and the technology isn’t too hard to explain. Using cameras mounted on your home, a data chip in the vehicle, and a rear-view camera inside the car, the Honda Self-parking Electric Prototype is able to maneuver its way into the right spot.

All of this will also be based around an app on your phone. Yes we said on your phone. From your phone you will be able to tell your car that you are out and ready for it to park itself. Once in position you just signal for the car to charge itself and voila! It is all taken care of.

Unfortunately this technology and the Honda Self-Parking Electric Prototype, currently a Honda Fit EV, have not come to us at Vann York Honda…yet. So until it does, why don’t you come see what other kind of technology and vehicles we have for you try out.

10 Best Family Cars for 2014 Includes Honda Accord and Odyssey, a car news and model expert, has paired together with Parents Magazine, an informational magazine for parents, to create the 10 Best Family Cars for 2014. Among these best vehicles you will find two staples to the Honda lineup, the Accord and Odyssey.

10 Best Family Cars - 2014 Honda Odyssey
2014 Honda Odyssey

Named as best family sedan and the best minivan for families, the Accord and Odyssey proudly rank among the 10 Best Family Cars because of safety, reliability, and comfort.

“We do this to save parents time during the car-shopping process and make it easier for them to buy the right vehicle to haul their family and their stuff,” said Scott Oldham, editor in chief.

All of the choices provided by and Parents Magazine include budget-conscious vehicles with great fuel efficiency to help parents and drivers save some money, like the Accord. It also provides vehicles that can fit your entire family, like the Odyssey.

So, if you are ready to put your family in one of the 10 Best Family Cars for 2014, then come to Vann York Honda and test drive one to see if it is the right fit for you. We will be glad to help answer any questions you may have!

American Honda Posted Great May Sales for 2014

Spring has been a real rush for a lot of automotive makes, including Honda. Sales have risen high, leading to a lot of the best May months some companies have seen in a long time. In accordance with that statement, American Honda posted great May sales this year, being up nine percent compared to May of 2013.

American Honda Posted Great May Sales

Lots of contributing factors combined in order to meet these great sales for last month. American Honda posted great May sales because of double digit increases in more than one model, and Acura performing grandly as well.

The Honda Accord, Civic and CR-V each showed increases of more than 18 percent for the month, which allowed them to sell over 100 thousand units together. Honda Accord sales reached 39,637 (+19.3%), Honda Civic sales reached 36,089 (+19.2%), and Honda CR-V sales reached 32,430 (+18.8%).

Along with the sales of Honda’s top models, the automotive giant also set its own personal record of the most light truck sales for the month of May with 57,835 units sold.

“With spring finally in full force across the country, Accord, Civic and CR-V are really starting to bloom,” said Jeff Conrad, Honda division senior vice president and general manager. “With our three core models out-selling some entire brands and the all-new Fit starting to hit the ground next week, our dealers are preparing for heavy customer traffic in the coming months.” (Honda News Release)

Vann York Honda wants to know if you were a part of these huge sales last month. If you purchased a new Honda what model was it? And, if you are interested in getting a new Honda Accord, Civic, CR-V, or other model, we would glad to help!

Basic Roadside Knowledge to Help You Out

Whether this summer is going to be filled with road trips or if you are just going to be traveling to work every day, you are going to need to know some basic roadside knowledge in case you get in a jam, and no we don’t mean traffic jam.

Let’ say you are traveling down the road and all of sudden your car starts tugging to the left, and then it starts feeling extra bumpy, that could mean that you have a flat tire. In the case of a flat tire, do not try to continue driving on it. Pull Over and take care of the issue.

Basic Roadside Knowledge – Flat Tires

Basic Roadside Knowledge - Changing a TIre
Take a moment to gain some basic roadside knowledge in case this happens to you!

To remove a flat tire and replace it with a spare tire, or completely new tire, just follow some simple instructions.

  1. Make sure you are on level, firm ground to jack your car up, and you are in a safe area off the road.
  2. Loosen the lug nuts on your tire
  3. Jack your car up so the flat tire isn’t touching the ground.
  4. Finishing unscrewing the lug nuts and remove the flat, replacing it with a spare.
  5. Screw the lug nuts back on, and lower the car to the ground
  6. Finish tightening the lug nuts so they will not fall off

Basic Roadside Knowledge – Safety

When you have to pull over and are stuck on the road, there isn’t really a whole lot you can do if it isn’t a flat tire problem, but there are safety measures to take.

Basic Roadside Knowledge - Safety
Make sure to take the necessary safety measures when you have to pull over on the road.
  1. Gently release the accelerator and slow down naturally, and then pull into a safe area to avoid other potential cars from hitting you.
  2. Turn on your flashers to let people know you are having problems.
  3. Stand away from the vehicle if you are waiting for assistance. Standing next to or behind your vehicle is unsafe.
  4. Open your hood or signal tie a white piece of cloth to your antenna to signal you need help. Do not try to wave down cars.
  5. Never try to cross multi-lane highways on foot.
  6. Call for help to a local towing company or police. If a stranger offers to help, have them call or tell them that you have already reached out to the police for help.

We hope that this basic roadside knowledge has helped you to understand some of the dos and don’ts of personal safety, vehicle safety, and vehicle repair. If you have more questions, we here at Vann York Honda would be more than happy to help! Let us know your questions or concerns in the comment box!

Honda Accord the Most Popular Vehicle in 2014, Based on Registrations

So far, thanks to retail registration data, we can name the Honda Accord the most popular vehicle in 2014. After the first three months of the year, the Honda Accord has had more new vehicle registrations than any other passenger car on the market.

Honda Accord the Most Popular Vehicle in 2014
The Honda Accord shows off great styling and design to guests at the Chicago Auto Show.

This is not surprising news, however, because the Accord was the number one selling new car with individual American car buyers in 2013. A feat like this is sure to be something that Honda is proud to say they own.

“We’re thrilled to be leading the pack in the first lap around the track in 2014,” said Jeff Conrad, senior vice president and general manager of the Honda Division. “In a business environment marked by intense competition and heavy incentives, we want to thank our Honda customers for the trust they continue to place in our products.” (Honda News Release)

Having the Honda Accord the most popular vehicle in 2014 isn’t the only big feat they have seen from the first quarter. The Accord, Odyssey, Civic, and CR-V all lead their segments for new car registrations for the beginning of the year.

If you have been part of this great news then we thank you! If not, then stop by Vann York Honda pick up a new Accord, or whichever Honda vehicle you may be looking for!

2014 Honda Odyssey Airbag Recall Affects Almost 25K


2014 Honda Odyssey Airbag Recall
The 2014 Honda Odyssey is being called back for an airbag issue.

America Honda has issued a recall on select Honda Odyssey models for an airbag issue that could affect almost 25,000 vehicles. The 2014 Honda Odyssey airbag recall is said to be for Odysseys built from October 2, 2013 through December 16, 2013 and will start on May 16th.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, “The shorting terminal, an electrical connector used to prevent airbag deployment before being installed into a vehicle, may have been damaged during assembly of the passenger side-curtain airbag. If the shorting terminal is damaged, the passenger side-curtain airbag may fail to deploy, thereby increasing the risk of occupant injury in a crash.”

Currently no crashes or injuries relating to the recall have been reported.

If your minivan is one of the models affected by the 2014 Honda Odyssey airbag recall then you will receive a notification letting you know how to take care of it. You will want to make an appointment to bring your van into your local Honda dealer, like Vann York Honda, as soon as possible. At the dealership the damaged shorting pin will be replaced with a new one. If you have any questions regarding the 2014 Honda Odyssey airbag recall, you can contact Honda at 1-800-999-1009.

What to Get Your Mom for Mother’s Day

What to Get Your Mom for Mother's Day
Take our advice and go get your mom something awesome for Mother’s Day!

Ok, normally we do posts that center around vehicles and what is happening in the Honda World, but today we have a special blog to present to you. While we love entertaining the idea that you would come to Vann York Honda to buy your mom a new Honda Civic or CR-V, we know that is not realistic. So here are some great ideas for what to get you mom for Mother’s Day because, after all, it’s only a few days away!

What to Get Your Mom for Mother’s Day

Jewelry – this isn’t just a mother thing, it’s a woman thing. Women (mommies) love jewelry, and if it sparkles, then it is even better. Don’t be afraid to spend a little extra cash for another karat or two. Get your mom a nice sparkly necklace or earrings that will remind her of you whenever she wears them.

Sports Equipment – No, we don’t mean this in an insulting way. If your mom, loving wife, or any other mother you know like to play tennis, softball, Frisbee, or any participate in any other sport, then get her some new equipment. Nothing says, “I love you mom,” like a new racket with a bow on it.

Homemade Gifts – Yes we know it’s cheesy, but moms really do love homemade gifts from their children. Even if you are grown up giving her a picture frame with macaroni on it will bring her back to when her little boy or girl was still small enough to sit on her lap.

You have until Sunday? Good. Take time today, tomorrow, or Saturday to go out and look at some real gifts for your mom, or make one of your own.

Honda Odyssey Makes 10 Best Vehicles for Tailgating List

What do you really enjoy about tailgating? Grilling out? Hanging with friends? Enjoying a cold drink in the sun? Or maybe it is just so you can get decked out in your team’s colors? Well, no matter why you like to tailgate, you need to have the right equipment. Make sure you get a cooler, a grill, a jersey, your friends, and of course, a Honda Odyssey, because let’s face it; it’s not really tailgating unless you’re in a Honda Odyssey. In fact, the Odyssey has made the 10 Best Vehicles for Tailgating list by Warren Clarke on AOL Autos.

10 Best Vehicles for Tailgating - Honda Odyssey
How can you pass up on the opportunity to take this roomy interior to your next tailgate?

Yes, the new Odyssey is prominent point in the 10 Best Vehicles for Tailgating, and it ranks at #1! There are so many features in this minivan that gives it such a great rating. One such feature is the available HondaVac, a built-in vacuum that can clean up any leftover crumbs and food in the car. That is perfect for a tailgate out with friends.

Transporting your equipment is also a must. With fold-down seating and a roomy trunk, you can fit all the equipment you need with extra room for passengers.

Don’t forget that this vehicle has already been honored with other awards including an IIHS Top Safety Pick+, Best Minivan for Families by U.S. News and World Report, and’s Best Car You Can Buy in the minivan segment.

Let’s get the tailgate season started! Come to Vann York Honda to get your hands on one of the 10 Best Vehicles for Tailgating, the Honda Odyssey.

Honda Ranks Among the 10 Best Brands in the Marketplace

Steven Lang, a writer for Yahoo! Autos Motoramic blog, is a former auto dealer, auctioneer, and par-owner of an auto auction over the past 15 years. In his time he has seen many automotive brands that have lived up to their reliability standards and advertisements and others that have not. Through close data collection and test he determine the most reliable brands. Of that, Honda ranks among the 10 Best Brands in the Marketplace at number four.

Honda Ranks Among the 10 Best Brands in the Marketplace
The Honda Odyssey has been a staple in Honda’s reliability reputation for years.

“The entire Honda line-up has offered excellent long-term reliability with two notable exception: V-6 Accord and Odysseys,” says Lang in A Car Dealer’s Data-Driven Guide to the 10 Most Reliable Brands. “The frequency of bad transmissions for the Odyssey , and the Accord from 1998 thru 2002 was enough to pull them well outside the top rankings of reliable vehicles, although four-cylinder Accord models continue to be ranked among the top.”

As you can see, Honda ranks among the 10 Best Brands in the Marketplace because of its consistent reliability in the cars it makes. From the Accord to the Odyssey to the Civic to the CR-V, Honda is an all-around trustworthy automotive brand.

So, if you are reading this and suddenly have a hankering to see for yourself why Honda ranks among the 10 Best Brands in the Marketplace, then drive on down to Vann York Honda and learn more about our Honda models.