Honda Thumbs Up Safety Campaign Reminds Us “Dn’t Txt & Drv”

It all started with a video starring Bruce Willis and Fred Armisen that talks about the important people in your life and how Honda’s safety helps to protect those that you love. Now, there is a new campaign that Honda is promoting. The Honda Thumbs Up safety campaign is taking a stand against texting and driving with their slogan “Dn’t Txt & Drv.”

Take a look at this ‘romantic short’ that Honda has provided for their campaign:

If that doesn’t reach your heart, then we aren’t sure what will.

Honda Thumbs Up Safety Campaign

Make sure you keep your #ThumbsUp and “Dn’t Txt
& Drv!”

Taking your eyes off the road to text is extremely dangerous. Texting and driving makes a crash up to 23 times more likely. Also, 23% of auto collisions involved cell phones, and those are just the ones that are reported as cell phone use, or reported at all. provides great information regarding texting and driving and how it affects auto collisions. One scenario is that if you are going 55 miles per hour and look down at your phone for five seconds to text that is equal to driving the length of a football field, without your eyes on the road! Not safe at all!

Honda is a major contributor to safety in vehicles which is why they have more top saf4ety rated cars in America than any other brand. “We know that the people that matter to you could be drivers or passengers in one of our own cars, occupants of another vehicle or even pedestrians,” says Automobiles.Honda.Com. “That’s why Honda looks beyond government regulations, studying real world situations to develop new safety technologies for everyone.”

That is just one step Honda takes in helping to prevent collisions, like what happens when you text and drive. Visit their site to get more information on the Honda Thumbs Up safety campaign to find out other ways you can help keep roads safe, and always remember, “Dn’t Txt & Drv.”

Honda Accord Returns to Automobile Magazine All-Star List

The Honda Accord just earned its second straight berth on the Automobile Magazine All-Star list, which honors just the top ten vehicles across the world each year. Obviously, then, it’s an impressive honor, made more impressive by the fact that the Accord is the only midsize sedan to make the list. Therefore, across the world, it’s pretty much proven that the Honda Accord is the best midsize sedan out there on the current market.

2014 Honda Accord - Automobile Magazine All-Star List

Check out the 2014 Honda Accord!

“The Accord continues to demonstrate its benchmark capabilities in a very competitive midsize sedan segment,” said Jeff Conrad, senior vice president and general manager of the Honda automobile division for American Honda. “Automobile Magazine’s recognition of the Honda Accord for the second year in a row validates our ongoing efforts to deliver best-in-class vehicles for our customers.”

The 2014 Accord is certainly no stranger to awards; it’s already been named to Car and Driver Magazine’s 10Best list and it also earned the 2014 Green Car Journal Green Car of the Year award. So if you’re looking for a proven winner with a long track record of success and popularity, look no further than the 2014 Honda Accord, an Automobile Magazine All-Star list award winner. We look forward to seeing you here at Vann York Honda very soon!

Clean out Your Car for the Spring Season

Have you been in a rut because of the winter season? Leaving excess items in your car during the cold days and not feeling like cleaning because of the dreary weather. Well, there is good new…spring has finally arrived, and now is a great time to clean out your car!

Steps to Clean Out Your Car

Clean Out Your Car

Clean out your car so it can look as nice as this new 2014 Honda Crosstour interior.

Remove excess items like clothes. Clothes tend to accumulate in cars because of multiple reasons like changing when you arrive at your destination or carrying extra in case it’s cold outside. These clothes can clutter the interior of your car and there are other side effects. Extra weight in your car, like from clothes can cause gas mileage to suffer. More weight means the engine has to work harder using more gas.

Take out the trash. It’s easy to accumulate trash when you eat in your car or other things of that nature. Taking out the trash is just the next step in cleaning out your car. Leaving trash in there can cause mold and dirt to collect, which will eventually smell.

Vacuum the seats and floors. Vacuuming can clean up the small bits of dirt and trash that you may have missed. It helps to give your car that refined, luxurious look that everyone strives for.

Clean your upholstery. Whether you use home remedies or typical cleaning products, make sure you clean the seats and floors to prevent bad odors, stains, and other messes.

Clean your windows and windshields. The same goes for cleaning products or home remedies when it comes to the glass in your car such as windows and windshields. Clean them in order to help for better vision and a sleeker look.

So, we hope you learned something from these steps that will help you clean out your car. Now go out there and make that interior shine!

20 Millionth US-Made Honda Rolls Out of Production

A little over a week ago Honda made headlines by reaching a huge milestone in the automotive production industry. The 20 millionth US-made Honda rolled out of production, marking the tremendous era that Honda has had in America.

With four auto plants in the United States contributing the production growth of the extremely popular Japanese automaker, they reached the 20 millionth US-made Honda in just a little over 30 years. Since 1982, the Honda plant in Marysville, OH has lead the pack in production, and will continue to do so.

Honda Plants in United States

20 Millionth US-Made Honda

The Honda Accord was the 20 millionth US-made Honda.

  • Marysville Auto Plant – 11.4 million vehicles
  • East Liberty Auto Plant – 4.75 million vehicles
  • Honda Manufacturing of Alabama – 3.1 million vehicles
  • Honda Manufacturing of Indiana – 750,000 vehicles.

As you can see, there is a big team effort contributing to the mass production of Honda models in the United States.

Getting to this mark means a lot of different things, but probably the most important is customer loyalty and trust.

“We are deeply aware that our ability to reach this milestone results from the trust that 20 million customers have placed in our products, and we appreciate their support over the past three decades,” said Hidenobu Iwata, president and CEO of Honda of America Mfg. and head of Honda’s North American manufacturing. (Quote from Honda Press Release) “We also value the commitment made by tens of thousands of associates at Honda and our hundreds of suppliers in the U.S. who build products of the highest quality for our customers.”

Honda really works hard to maintain the high standards that are now expected from them. With vehicles like the Honda Accord, Honda Civic, and Honda CR-V, it is easy to see just how much effort goes in to each vehicle.

Stop by Vann York Honda in High Point, NC in order to become part of the next milestone.

2014 Honda Odyssey Named Best Minivan for Families

Best Minivan for Families

The Honda Odyssey offers excellent room and safety for family vacations.

U.S. News & World Report has named the 2014 Honda Odyssey the Best Minivan for Families for the fourth straight year, once more recognizing its leading performance in safety, convenience, and innovation.

One of the most interesting changes to this year’s Odyssey was the new HondaVac™, the world’s first in-vehicle vacuum system that revolutionizes interior car maintenance and makes life easy for parents with mess-making-machines kids.

More than 200 vehicles in 19 categories were considered for the “Best Car for Families” awards, all of which were evaluated based on their safety and reliability, seating and cargo volume, and family-friendly features.

In the minivan category, the 2014 Honda Odyssey made it clear there were no better choices thanks to its class-leading fuel economy, highest-possible safety ratings from both the IIHS and NHTSA, eight seats (all in reach of HondaVac!), and more.

Need any more incentive to make the 2014 Odyssey your next choice when it comes to a family hauler? How about the fact that U.S. News & World Report also named it 2014’s Best Minivan for the Money?

Clearly, there’s a lot to love with the Honda Odyssey…that is, unless you’re crumbs hiding beneath the third row seating. Come check out the perfect family vehicle right here at Vann York Honda.

Honda Has New Hydrogen Fueling Station Installed at R&D Headquarters

The Honda Motor Company, constantly searching for ways to integrate better green technology into their everyday operations, has recently installed a new hydrogen fueling station at their R&D headquarters in Torrance, California. The fueling station, a SmartFuel station made by Air Products, will be used to fill Honda cars at the headquarters and also stand as an example of how easily a hydrogen fueling station can be installed at a site.

It took just seven short months for the new station to be completed, from the original contract signing to the final filling of the station with hydrogen.

“This new station…shows just how far we have come in our ability to put hydrogen fueling stations and other needed infrastructure into operation in an expedited manner, while complying with our safety mandate,” said Ed Kiczek, the global director of Hydrogen Energy Systems at Air Products.

“We have definitely benefitted from incorporating some of the practices gained in our fueling work with the material handling market, where we have been able to get hydrogen fueling stations up and running in as little as six weeks.”

That final figure makes us hope, here at Vann York Honda, that we’ll soon see hydrogen fueling stations, all filled up with future Honda fuel cell vehicles, all across the country.

Honda Insight Finished After 2014

Honda recently announced that one of the contributors to the beginning of the hybrid market is going to be discontinued. After much debate and anticipated news they claimed the Honda Insight finished after 2014.

Honda Insight Finished After 2014

Honda Insight finished after 2014 model year.

“Only 4,802 Insights were sold last year, an 18-perncent drop from a year earlier and according to Automotive News, Honda has a 237-day supply of the car on hand far above the 60-day inventory that is considered the industry norm,” said

While we hate to see the Honda Insight finished after 2014, It had a great run, and was one of the leaders in the hybrid world, having debuted in 1999. With discontinuing the Insight, hopefully we will see something even better come to the lineup a little later on.

There are already multiple different hybrid and electric vehicles carried by Honda including the Honda Accord Hybrid, Honda Civic Hybrid, and Honda Fit EV. With these models rising to the tops on charts, it’s easy to see why the Insight might be slowly falling.

But, this does not mean it is already over. Vann York Honda still carries Honda Insights and is proud to offer them at excellent prices. Don’t miss your change to come in and test drive one of the founders in the hybrid world.

Honda Accord and Odyssey Make a Splash in 2013

U.S. individual car shoppers helped to make the Honda Accord and Odyssey top in their segments, and reach far out goals. Along with the Civic and CR-V, the Honda Accord and Odyssey were able to establish themselves as the best in their segments.

2013 Honda Accord and Odyssey Sales

Honda Accord Sales – “The Honda Accord was the best-selling car with individual American car buyers in 2013,” said a Honda Press Release. Honda Accord sales increased 12.2 percent in 2013 reaching 360,089 units, and it was the number one produced car in America for that year.

Honda Accord and Odyssey Sales

2013 Honda Accord

Honda Odyssey Sales – Honda Odyssey registrations accounted for 32.2 percent of U.S. minivan retail registrations and sold nearly 25,000 more units than the second place minivan. Featured in the 2014 Odyssey is the HondaVAC which is surely a reason that its sales boomed for the past year.

Honda Accord and Odyssey Sales

2014 Honda Odyssey

Between the Honda Accord and Odyssey, as well as the CR-V and Civic, there were 1.11 million units sold in 2013, with gave each of them at least 300,000 units sold to individual American car buyers. That number tops the charts all the way across the board.

Have you stopped in to see any of these new vehicles lately? At Vann York Honda we would sure love to let you go for a test drive in the Honda Accord and Odyssey or any other car on the lot that you have an interest in. So stop on by!

No Diggity and the Honda Civic Join Together Thanks to Flula

As a general rule, YouTube celebrities are pretty annoying (just ask anyone who has ever had the misfortune of sitting through a PewDiePie video…ugh). However, we’re pretty fond of Flula, if only because we get a real kick out of his Auto Tunes series. The latest installment features two things we love: 1990s hip-hop like No Diggity and the Honda Civic:

Pretty cool, isn’t it? At Vann York Honda, we almost certainly like it more than the original, and it definitely made us laugh quite a bit more. Flula and his friend, Chester, seem like the ideal riding partners for a long road trip, dontcha think? The original, which reached the #1 spot on the Billboard Hot 100 charts back in 1996, is called No Diggity and performed by Blackstreet. You can check it out below:

See what we mean? Not quite as good as Flula’s, is it? The best part, though? We find it incredible how good Flula’s cover sounded. They’re not in a thousand-dollar booth with Dr. Dre sitting in the studio. It’s just No Diggity and the Honda Civic. And that’s awesome.

Check out a Honda Civic for yourself, and see if you can start your YouTube career off!

2013 Honda Civic - No Diggity and the Honda Civic

2013 Honda Ciivc

Vann York Honda Earns the Honda President’s Award

Vann York Honda  Earns The Honda President’s Award

HIGH POINT, NC, 2014 – Annually, American Honda Motor Co., Inc., recognizes top-ranking Honda dealerships with itsmost prestigious honor. This year, Honda is proud to announce that Vann York Honda is among the recipients of the Honda President’s Award for its exceptional performance in 2013. This is the 10th year that Vann York Honda has earned the exclusive President’s Award.

Achieving the President’s Award requiresa yearlong commitment to attaining excellence in the areas of customer satisfaction, sales, training, and facility image. More than 1,000 Honda dealerships participated in the 2013 program, with 173 earning dealership honors.

“At Honda, we have a passion for excellence that serves as the driving force behind everything we do for our valued customers,” says John Mendel, executive vice president of automobile sales for Honda. “The President’s Award was introduced in 1995 as a way to challenge our dealerships to achieve the exacting standards Honda established for the brand. Throughout the years, the criteria have been altered to ensure we remain industry leaders in customer service and satisfaction.

“It is a privilege to honor Vann York Honda with the distinguished President’s Award. I invite you to visit its showroom to experience firsthand the benefits of working with one of our award-winning dealerships.”

Vann York Honda located at 422 Eastchester Dr., High Point NC carries the full line of Honda vehicles, including: the Accord (rated one of Car and Driver magazine’s 10Best for the 28th year), as well as the ever-popular Civic, CR-V, Crosstour, Fit, Odyssey, Pilot, and more.

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