New Honda HR-V Debut Set for Los Angeles Auto Show

Honda already makes one of the world’s most popular SUVs, the award-winning Honda CR-V, and now the Japanese automaker is doubling down—the HR-V, a new Honda SUV, will be introduced here in the States at the 2014 Los Angeles Auto Show on November 19. Here at Vann York Honda, we still haven’t had a chance to see the HR-V in person, so we’re just as excited as all of you for its upcoming release.

Honda has high hopes for the new crossover vehicle, too. “The HR-V will serve as the entry point to the Honda light truck lineup…competing in an all-new segment for the brand,” the company announced in a press release. “Built on the same global compact platform that underpins the critically-acclaimed Fit, the HR-V will feature a versatile and spacious interior thanks to an innovative center fuel tank layout.”

That just scratches the surface of what’s exciting about the new HR-V, which also features the handy Honda Magic Seat and is expected to arrive with an efficient 1.5-liter four-cylinder engine. There’s even the possibility of a hybrid version coming to the states at some point!

November 19 can’t get here soon enough, but while you wait for the Honda HR-V debut, come visit us at Vann York Honda to learn more about the check out our current inventory.

Honda Goes Green, Announces SolarCity Partnership

For Honda, solar power and electric cars go hand-in-hand. Because of this, the Japanese carmaker recently announced that they will continue going green with the renewal of their partnership with SolarCity, a company that provides the public with clean energy through solar power. The renewed SolarCity partnership will provide Honda and Acura customers and dealerships with the opportunity to have more available and affordable solar power. It also encourages more consumers to look beyond fuel-efficient cars to go green.

“The first phase of this partnership has proven that Honda drivers have a high affinity for solar power, while owners of solar-powered homes have a high affinity for Honda products,” said Steven Center, Vice President of the Environmental Business Development Office of American Honda Motor Co., Inc. “As we look toward a future in which renewable energy will be an increasingly pervasive fuel source for personal mobility products, we are excited about capitalizing on the technological, environmental, and market opportunities available through partnerships of this nature.”

The two companies are looking to appeal more to both owners of solar powered homes and plug-in electric vehicles, and previously worked together to create the Honda Smart Home in the U.S.

If you want to go green just like Honda, make sure you stop in to Vann York Honda today and see the fuel-efficient car options we have for you!

Honda’s 2015 CR-V’s New Safety Features Come Out Swinging

In 2015, Honda is all about innovative tech. The CR-V is coming back with six safety features packed into it for the assured safety of Honda’s customers. This is the first of Honda’s cars to feature its new Honda Sensing bundle, an intuitive group of upgrades that Honda has designed to put its family vehicles ahead of the competition.

Adaptive cruise control senses other vehicles and keeps you at a safe distance from them while still allowing you to take a bit of a break during a long trip. Lane departure warning will alert you to cars drifting towards you on the road. Front collision detection will be there to jostle you when you’ve lost your focus and are at risk of colliding with a car in front of you.

Then comes what makes Honda’s tech package special: It’s bringing you three more features not normally found in other companies’ vehicles to add extra safety to this year’s CR-V. Lane Watch is the first in the line-up and provides you with a live feed of your blind spot. Additionally, the Lane Keeping Assist System briefly assists you if you drift out of your lane. And finally, the Collision Mitigation Braking System brakes if it detects something in the path of the car and the driver doesn’t brake immediately.

Vann York Honda is excited to see all these new safety features coming to the already souped up 2015 CR-V. For more information on this car and others, be sure to stay tuned to our blog!

Man Puts 750,000 Miles on Honda Civic


Most people are aware of the fact that Honda has a proud tradition of making automobiles that go the extra mile.  A man named Paul Habib, Jr. proved this fact in a spectacular way.  In just two years, he put more than 250,000 miles on his 2006 Honda Civic LX.  In six years, he had put on 750,000 miles.  And apparently, he doesn’t want to stop.  He’d like to hit 1,000,000.

Up to 227,000 miles, nothing dramatic had been done to the engine.  He used synthetic oil and his spark plugs were original.  At 324,000, he switched out the original motor with a used replacement. Amazingly, the original was still running, he just wanted to avoid running it until it locked up.

Honda is well aware of Paul Habib and other people driving Hondas with a ridiculous amount of miles on them.  Alicia Jones, Honda’s Public Relation Manager, said, “Stories like these are a testament to how people have come to count on their Hondas.”

Come out to Vann York Honda to check out our lineup of reliable Honda vehicles – who knows, you may find a car that lasts you a million miles!

How to: Change Your Own Oil

In a blog that we posted a back in August we mentioned that to save on service you could learn how to do-it-yourself. Well, here is the first step towards your own auto care. Follow our simple safety tips, tool supply list, and steps to change your own oil.

Remember that if you do not feel comfortable changing your own oil, you can always bring your Honda, or other make, to Vann York Honda to have a professional service technician help with your maintenance.

Change Your Own Oil Safety

Never get under a car that is only supported by a jack. Use jack stands to hold the vehicle up and drive it up on car ramps. They are more supportive of the cars weight and do not shift under the pressure.

Do not attempt to complete and oil change in a busy or unsafe area.

Allows handle car maintenance on firm, level ground. If you need to jack your car up, it is more unstable when done on a hill or soft ground.

Change Your Own Oil Tools
  • Jack and jack stands, or car ramps
  • Socket or box-end wrench
  • Funnel
  • New oil
  • New oil filter
  • Oil filter wrench
  • Oil disposal can/pan/bucket
Change Your Own Oil Steps
  1. Open the hood of your car.
  2. Jack your car up and set it on the jack stands. If using car ramps then drive your car onto the ramps. In either case, make sure the emergency brake is engaged.
  3. Remove the oil cap to help the oil flow quicker out of the oil pan.
  4. Place the oil disposal bucket underneath the oil pan and oil drain plug under the car.
  5. Remove the drain plug to allow the oil to flow into the disposal bucket.
  6. Once all the oil is out, screw the drain plug back in.
  7. Move your disposal bucket underneath the oil filter, and unscrew the oil filter using your oil filter wrench. The bucket is there just in case any oil falls out.
  8. Take your new oil filter and rub a little bit of oil on the rubber gasket. Then screw the new oil filter back on to the engine using your hand. Once you feel it tighten, give it one more quarter turn.
  9. Using your funnel, fill the oil in your engine with the recommended type and amount of oil found in your owner’s manual.
  10. Screw the oil cap back on.
  11. Using your jack, raise the car off the jack stands, remove them, and lower the car to the ground. If using ramps, then slowly reverse off of the ramps.
  12. Turn the engine on and let it run for about a minute to get the new oil flowing through. Turn the engine off and let it cool.
  13. Check your oil level using the oil dipstick in your engine. If it is not at the correct level, then add more as necessary. If it is at the correct level you are all finished!

We hope these guidelines to change your own oil have helped. If you have any questions, please follow up with the Service Team at Vann York Honda.

Honda’s Wind Turbines Produce Better-Than-Expected Results


Honda’s wind turbines are overachievers, according to Honda’s recent announcement. The two wind turbines, which went into operation at Honda Transmission Mfg. of America, Inc., in Russells Point, Ohio, last January, were meant to produce about 10 percent of the plant’s energy use, or 10,000 MWh per year.

According to the automaker’s announcement, the turbines produced about what they had hoped for and expected in just two of the first six months, while the other four months they produced far more energy than was expected. April turned out to be the highest-performing month of the first six, with total output equaling 16 percent of the plant’s needs.

Overall, output in the first six months exceeded the plant’s expectations by 6.3 percent, making the Honda plant the first of its kind to get any “substantial” amount of power from on-site turbines.

The eight million dollar turbines were provided by Juhl Energy, who installed the alternative power source under a power purchase agreement. This means that Honda didn’t have to pay for the turbines up front, but simply pays for the electricity generated by the turbines.

Undoubtedly, other manufacturers will soon follow suit, and a close watch will be kept on Honda’s wind turbines and their continued success.

Here at Vann York Honda, we are proud to work for a company that makes renewable energy and green operations a priority.

Honda is Turning to Natural Gas Vehicles to Create an Efficient Driving Experience

Green Car

Honda is turning to natural gas vehicles as another option of alternative fuel to offer to consumers. Compressed natural gas, or CNG, has been used in a variety of commercial vehicles, but never hit it off with passenger cars.

The automaker is shifting its focus to developing compressed natural gas, or CNG, cars in the U.S. Both commuters and drivers wanting an efficient driving experience will benefit from this natural solution. CNG sells for half as much as gasoline, making Honda’s launch of a natural gas-fueled Civic a very smart move with the current high gas prices.

LA Times reports that “natural gas vehicles can reduce smog-forming emissions of carbon monoxide 70% and produce 20% less greenhouse gas emissions than gasoline powered

The updated Civic will be able to drive 220 miles between fuel stops, compared with about 80 miles with a typical electric car. The price tag on the new Civic starts at $26,640, about $4,000 more than the comparable gasoline version.

Not sure what Honda or fuel type is right for you? Come on over to Vann York Honda and try out all of your options today!

Honda Fit and Civic are top 3 Tech-Savviest Cars Under $20K

In today’s world, it’s all about the technology.  The most popular cars seem to be the ones that offer the coolest, most innovative features to either keep us connected when we are on the go or keep us safe from the dangers around us.  The advancements in the auto industry are inspiring the world to stretch the limits and cross boundaries they didn’t even know existed.  The 2014 Honda Civic and the 2015 Honda Fit both hold top 3 spots on Kelley Blue Book’s Ten Tech-Savviest Cars Under $20,000.

The 2014 Honda Civic ranks up there at #3 on the list.  This Civic features a 5” intelligent Multi-Information Display (i-MID), which can display your music from Pandora or the USB audio interface.  The 7” Display Audio touch-screen interface functions with your smart phone, allowing you to make calls, view navigation, and check up on social media apps.  The 2014 Honda Civic also has a rearview camera and text-to-voice message reading to keep you safe and accident-free.  The starting price is around $18,390 for the standard 2014 Honda Civic Sedan.  If you spend a little more than $20,000, you can also get Honda’s Lane Watch blind-spot camera, Siri Eyes Free, HondaLink apps, and a swipe-enabled touch screen.

Honda Fit
2015 Honda Fit

The 2015 Honda Fit sits in right above the 2014 Honda Civic in spot #2.  The tech features for the Honda Fit are pretty similar to the 2014 Honda Civic, but are offered at a more affordable price.  All Honda Fit trim levels start under $20,000.

Stop in to Vann York Honda today to see all of the technology features in both the 2014 Honda Civic and 2015 Honda Fit!

Save on Auto Repairs

service_38Most auto repairs these days consist of routine maintenance tune-ups and simple wear and tear fixes.  Occasionally, you may find yourself acquiring a bill equivalent to a month’s rent, and you will have no idea how to pay it!

In case the time comes that you ever do need work done on your Honda, here are a few tips to keep that repair bill low and to a minimum:

  1. Don’t neglect routine maintenance—If your oil needs changed, get it changed.  Don’t put small things like this off.  Also, check your owner’s manual to see how often you really need to change your oil.  Not all cars are every 3,000 miles anymore.  Some cars can go up to 10,000 miles now before they need to change its oil.
  2. Take advantage of free services—For example, Advanced Auto Parts will perform free electrical checks on your starter, alternator, and battery.  Take advantage of these!
  3. Keep an eye out for coupons and discounts.
  4. Shop around—Compare prices to get the best deal!
  5. Ask questions—If the repair man tells you that you need to get something fixed, ask why!  Make sure there is a legitimate reason you need the repair and spend more money.  If they can’t take the time to explain it to you, take your business elsewhere.  Don’t fall in the trap!
  6. Learn how to DIY—YouTube is a gold mine for simple fixes, such as replacing your air filter or changing your wiper blades.  Utilize these tools instead of paying someone to do it for you!

Don’t forget that Vann York Honda has an excellent Service Department!  Give us a call today if there is anything you need serviced on your Honda vehicle and we will be happy to answer any questions you might have!

Steps to Take If You Lend Your Car

Maybe people often lend their car to family or friends, but some people even use various car-sharing apps that allow total strangers to borrow their car!  Many people don’t think about the fact that when you lend someone your car, you are also lending them your insurance policy.

Honda Accord
2014 Honda Accord Coupe EX-L

There are many preventative steps you can take to make sure that your good deed does not end up costing you:

  1. If you lend your car to a friend or neighbor every now and then, your insurance provider may cover you and your vehicle.  Double check that they do, though, before you start agreeing to this!  It also helps if the person you are lending your car to has insurance.  If something were to happen, it is possible that the insurance providers could split the cost, or the person borrowing your car’s insurance could cover the cost entirely.
  2. If you regularly lend you car to a family member, roommate, or significant other, you will want to add those drivers on your insurance policy to make sure they are covered.
  3. If you have a guest staying at your house for an extended period of time and they will be using your car, it would be smart to add them to your policy for the time that they are staying.
  4. If you have a teenager that just got their permit or license, you definitely want to add them to their policy.  Because teenagers can be a little more impulsive and don’t have previous experience on the road, expect your premium to increase 50-100%.
  5. If you are someone who rents your car to strangers through a car-sharing app, usually these websites provide some type of insurance since your policy probably does not cover you or the person sharing your car.